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                                                   LEVEL 1/2


Rome, 3,4,5-10,11,12 April 2020


During the six days with Luca di Napoli, Trager® instructor certified, students will be guided in the  exploration and listening awareness of their own way of moving, opening a journey of discovery of the infinite possibilities of perceiving and communicating feelings of freedom llightness and ease of movement. They will also start dealing with practice on the table, by learning a number of maneuvers for each part of the body.


The Seminar, which is the first step necessary for those who want to become Trager Educator, is also a great opportunity as a stand-alone experience. As such, it is strongly recommended to all those professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, teachers, bodyworkers ...) who want to deepen their ability to relate to both their own body and to others, as well as to all those who simply want to develop a profound aptitude for well-being.


General informations


The Seminar will be held in Via Stimigliano 13 int 15 , 00199 Rome


The first day of the seminar, will start at 10.00 am, the following days at 9.30, indicatively (and this can be modified according to students needs) evening ends at 18.30 - 19.00 (for the day of return, we can anticipate closing at around 5 pm).


The contribution for the Seminar is 500 €, plus 45 € for the annual membership fee to the Trager Italia Association valid throughout 2020.

For students who repeat the Seminar, the contribution for participation is € 250.00.


An advance payment is required. To be paid by bank transfer only:


Banca Popolare Etica Soc. Coop. p.a. - fil. Of Florence - c / c headed by ASSOCIAZIONE TRAGER ITALIA 



Specifying in the cause of the payment "Liberal Contribution Seminar Level I/2 - Trager Approach Rome Luca di Napoli”, April2020.



Assistants are welcome. Those wishing to participate must speak beforehand directly with the instructor and inform the organizer.





You are required to bring a sheet and a cover to use on the table. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, clean shoes for access to the room.


For more information and subscriptions, please contact:


Christian Vascotto

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Place of the seminar

Via Stimigliano 13 int 15 , 00199 Rome



How to reach the venue

From Termini railstation with buses 310 and 92 in 30min (stop: Sebino)

Alternatively using the B Metro (stop Annibaliano) and 20 min on foot.

From Tiburtina railstation, bus 168 (stop via Sebino) or metro B as above.

For those arriving from Fiumicino, take Leonardo express for Termini. Cost 14eu



Room and board


Coffee breaks will be offered during the course


For those who need assistance in finding accommodation contact the organizer.

There is an apartment near seminar location available. Two bedrooms with king bed, two bathroom, living room and kitchen. WIFI.

90 eu day.




Conditions for Access to Training Trager

Before starting the training, the following conditions are met:

Receive at least 2 sessions from Trager’s Pratictioners in good standing for 2020

Or, take part in an introductory seminar or a Mental Workshop for at least 6 (six) hours.

Request submission submission on this form to Seminar Educators and Animators, as nothing to the training. Access to the 1st Level seminar is not automatic.

The A.T.I. Reserves the right to suggest to the applicant a supplement of sessions received before submitting the application again or refusing access to the training.


























      LEVEL 1/2 April 2020 Rome




Fill in the form and send it to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.



NAME AND SURNAME               ____________________________________________________



ADDRESS                   ____________________________________________________________







PHONE  _______________________________________



EMAIL   _______________________________________________




STUDENT TRAGER                Member / Repeat / Assis________________________________


PRATICTIONER                       Repeat/ Assist             _________________________________






SIGNATURE _______________________________











The registration will be deemed to have been completed upon receipt of this form, completed in all its parts, signed and signed.






The participant acquires the right to attend the seminar, to receive the appropriate teaching materials.

Travel, food, lodging and extra costs are excluded (see program).

No audio or video recordings are allowed during seminars.



The total, equal to 545/500/250 € must be paid only by bank transfer within 30 days from the starting date


@ Banca Popolare Etica Soc. Coop. p.a. - fil. Of Florence - c / c headed by A.T.I. TRAGER ITALY ASSOCIATION

@ IBAN: IT84P0501802800000012186094


@ Specifying in the Cause of Paying "Liberal Contribution Seminar Level I - Trager Approach ROME  Luca Di Napoli ", April 2020 Rome.

Attach the payment receipt to this form.



It is possible to give up the registration by sending it within 30 days before the start of the seminar, by e-mail, in which case the full registration fee will be returned. If the cancellation is received after that date, the entire amount will be retained as a deposit to attend a Level 1 seminar chosen by the Trager Italia Association within 6 months from the date of payment.



In the event of force majeure, the Trager Italia Association reserves the right to postpone or cancel the planned seminar by giving notice to the participants; In that case, its only obligation is to repay the amount received. For organizational needs








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